Wheel of Feeders

Wheel of Feeders

Now you can have fun and load up on feeders. Everyday we are playing Wheel of Feeders.

How does it work?
We post on Facebook each day a new listing for feeders, breeders or supplies. Players can buy game slot for just a few bucks to enter to win the listed item. When all the slots fill up we do a random drawing and pick the winner! Winner pays NO shipping or any other fees. This makes you feeders cheaper and fun.

How do I play?
Simply find the game on our Facebook page,  buy a game ticket, pick your slots and win.

If I win?
If you are the winner we ship your winnings to your door FREE with no fees or shipping cost to you. IT's that simple.

If I don't win? 
The winners are picked at random, if you dont win this time you have more chances to win. When you buy game tickets and play Wheel of Feeders you are automatically entered to win our free weekly drawings. Again, no further cost to you the buyer.

Current Game  ***OPEN***

Feeder Game ID 004 OPEN

WINNERS CHOICE GAME! Winner gets to pick one option below:

1. Small Dubia Breeding Kit (includes: 5 Egg Flats, Small Cleaner Crew, Gnat Trap, 1oz Dried Water Crystals, 1lb Premium Chow, 1 360 Feeder Dish, 2 Adult Dubia Pairs and 100 Medium Dubia)

2. 1000 Small Dubia Roaches

3. 250 Medium Dubia Roaches

30 slots available. Slots Cost : $2 for 1, $5 for 3, $8 for 5 slots

1. Max Gonzales

2.Kelsey Skully Buchtel

3. Deidra Wilbanks

4.Max Gonzales

5. Deidra Wilbanks

6.Kelsey Skully Buchtel

7.Deidra Wilbanks

8. Max Gonzales


10. Kelsey Skully Buchtel

11.Crystal Bryant

12. Max Gonzales

13.Deidra Wilbanks


15.Kelsey Skully Buchtel

16. Max Gonzales

17. Crystal Bryant



20. Max Gonzales

21.Deidra Wilbanks


23.Kelsey Skully Buchtel

24.Crystal Bryant


26.Crystal Bryant




30.Crystal Bryant