Feeder Games

We introduce to you the feeder public new games that will make getting your reptile feeders easy, fast and fun. You no longer need to buy feeders the old fashioned way when you can try to win them free or close to free.

  1. Each week we will hold free drawings for the very feeders you need to purchase.
  2. Facebook Feeder Games. A new adaptation of our old auctions. Buy game slots for just a few bucks and try to win your feeders for next to nothing. We hold games daily that you can win.  When you purchase a game slot, you are automatically entered into the random weekly drawing.,
  3. Reward points. Each time you buy a game slot for any item, you receive rewards  points good for free tickets.

Good Luck!

Weekly Drawing Winners
Week of 3/22/2018

1000 Small Dubia- L. Tiffany, DC
100 Medium Dubia - C.ROY, TX

Facebook Feeder Games
John Conklin 1000 Smalls  Won for $8.00